SAlowresWelcome to our website, and if this is your first contact with the Academy, may I extend to you a warm welcome to the Bristol Met community. Our Academy is currently in its sixth year and has gone from strength to strength since opening in September 2009. It has been my privilege to be a part of the Bristol Met journey since joining the Academy as Vice Principal in September 2011, and it was with great pride that I took on the role of Principal in November 2013 as Steve Taylor assumed the role of Executive Principal within the Cabot Learning Federation.

It was well documented in 2014 that our results were the third highest in the country for progress, and it was right that this exceptional achievement on the part of students and staff was recognised. It will interest readers to know that following on from this spectacular success Bristol Met has continued to have outstanding progress scores, and in the new government measure of ‘Progress 8’ – the score achieved by taking into account 8 grades for each student across a range of specified subject – Bristol Met tops the charts for all the schools in Bristol. This means that in 2016, based on progress made by students, Bristol Met was the best choice of school in the city to educate a secondary aged child. Our exceptional achievements are now not just a case of one year of great results, but a consistent picture.
We have received commendations from Ofsted for the work we are doing on ensuring that all students make progress and that the gap is reduced between more affluent students and those who are in low income families (more specifically, those who are in receipt of the Pupil Premium). We have also been used as a case study for excellence in Key Stage 3, again by Ofsted, as part of their report into that national ‘progress dip’ in Key Stage 3 which is less evident in our school than most.

These results represent another step on our road to becoming an outstanding academy. When Ofsted carried out its full inspection in May 2012, it found many elements worthy of praise in forming its ‘Good’ judgement, details of which are available elsewhere via this website. Most importantly, however, the inspectors were able to outline the adjustments needed to make the relatively short step from Good to Outstanding, and achieving this is an aim shared by our ambitious team.

Bristol Met is characterised by energy, enthusiasm and a strong sense of community; we wear our uniform with pride and share a set of core values, The Metropolitan Way, which underpin all that we do. The years at school are few and precious, and it is important that students at Bristol Met have a strong sense of belonging and a belief in their right and their ability to achieve highly. Our staff are dedicated to ensuring that every student’s needs are met within and beyond lessons, and we are committed to working effectively with our students and their parents to achieve this goal. Together with our partners in the Cabot Learning Federation, we are making a positive difference to our students’ lives.

Of course, the learning environment, the positive atmosphere and the mood of the school are best experienced in person. We look forward to welcoming you to our Academy in the near future so that you can sample Bristol Met for yourself.

Sally Apps, Principal