At Bristol Metropolitan Academy we adopt principles and methods that facilitate outstanding learning in mathematics.  We believe that understanding is the foundation on which quality learning in the subject rests as it promotes the transferral of mathematical skills through problem solving.  A variety of teaching methods, personalised learning experiences and enrichment opportunities are utilised in order that students become independent and confident mathematicians who fulfil their potential.

Key Stage 3
The Scheme of Work that students follow in KS3 is organised by Level to build in progression year by year.  Year 7 students start with a program of investigative and creative maths projects to develop an interest in the subject as well as to allow teachers to assess ability.

Key Stage 4
KS4 students follow a course of study that prepares them for GCSE examination.

Students achieving a grade B or higher at GCSE are encouraged to take AS Maths.  This course develops higher order thinking and problem solving skills, as well as building on mathematical techniques acquired at KS4.  University visits are organised for students at which they attend maths lectures and workshops, which acts as an introduction to the possibility of studying maths at a higher level.  There also exists the opportunity to upgrade their GCSE maths if students require.