At Bristol Metropolitan Academy, we are launching the use of knowledge organisers with the vision to build effective revision strategies into homework and lessons. With the changes in GCSE content, students are required to master, recall and apply a wide range of information. The use of knowledge organisers from KS3 upwards develops these skills in students, as well as their independence as learners. This model also provides a framework of what is being covered from Year 7 – 11 empowering parents to support students in their learning. What will the knowledge organisers contain? The knowledge organisers have been designed by the subject teachers and contain key facts and concepts relevant to each of the subjects taught in KS3 and KS4. KS3: Students will receive a printed A4 booklet at the start of every term along with an exercise book to complete their homework within. Students are expected to bring both of these to school daily. Term 1: Teachers will set homework using the knowledge organisers, modeling the expectations of the three types of homework; self-quizzing, keyword/theme development or revision. Term 2 onwards: Students will independently carry out their homework following the homework timetable and use the knowledge organisers to pick out key information. KS4: Knowledge organisers will be used to complement the work carried out in both the lesson and for homework. Please use the links below to access the Knowledge Organisers for this term:

Knowledge Organisers

Year 7Year 8Year 9 Term 1Year 10 Term 1Year 11 Term 1
Year 7 Term 1Year 8 Term 1EnglishEnglishEnglish
Year 7 Term 2Year 8 Term 2Maths Maths Maths Foundation
Maths Higher
Year 7 Term 3Year 8 Term 3Combined Science - Chemistry Topic 1
Combined Science - Chemistry Topic 2
Combined Science - Physics Topic 1
Combined Science - Physics Topic 2
Combined Science - Physics Topic 3
Combined Science - Physics Topic 4
Combined Science - Physics Topic 5
Combined Science - Physics Topic 6
Science - Topic 8 - Energy Forces Doing Work
Science - Topic 9 - Forces and Their Effects
Science - Topic 14 - Particle Model
Science - Topic 15 - Forces and Matter
Year 7 Term 4Year 8 Term 4Triple Science - Chemistry Topic 1
Triple Science - Chemistry Topic 2
Triple Science - Physics Topic 1
Triple Science - Physics Topic 2
Triple Science - Physics Topic 3
Triple Science - Physics Topic 4
Triple Science - Physics Topic 5
Triple Science - Physics Topic 6
Year 7 Term 5Year 8 Term 5HistoryHistory History
Year 7 Term 6Year 8 Term 6GeographyGeographyGeography
Spanish SpanishSpanish
German Vocab
German Vocab
German Vocab
Food and Nutrition Food and Nutrition Food and Nutrition
Business StudiesBusiness StudiesBusiness Studies
PE - NetballPE - NetballPE - Netball
BTEC Sport BTEC Sport BTEC Sport
Computer Science Part 1
Computer Science Part 2
Computer Science Part 1
Computer Science Part 2
Computer Science Part 3
Computer Science Part 4
Computer Science Part 1
Computer Science Part 2